Trophy “Claudio Monteverdi” 1977 – Massa Lubrense (Naples – Italy)


Trophy “Claudio Monteverdi” 1977

Posted by Barbara d’Aquino

Massa Lubrense, (Naples – Italy) 20 08 1977

It was held from August 28 to September 4 in the lounge Pro Loco of Sorrento, the sixth art exhibition “International Trophy Claudio Monteverdi 1977” (2nd edition), promoted by the art and culture “Claudio Monteverdi” in Rome. The award ceremony of the artists participating, was held on September 4 at the annual “Festival del Limone” that takes place in Sorrento peninsula. A young Neapolitan artist, Giancarlo Rossi, by unanimous vote of the jury, has won the trophy “C. Monteverdi” and the participation for the VI Art Exhibition that will be held in Rome next spring. The other trophy up for grabs (2nd prize) was awarded to the Roman artist Mario Jannitti. The other participants in awards were divided as follows: Filippo d’Acunto (Coppa Comune di Massa Lubrense), Giacomo Carnesi (Coppa Ass.Turistica “Pro Loco”), Carmela Tripodi and Antonio Currente (Coppe Ass. “C.Monteverdi “), Regina Binato Elizabetta Faravelli, Maria Francia and Angelo Rosini (gold Medals Ass. C. Monteverdi).

The awards were handed out by the mayor and the president of the “Pro Loco” in Massa Lubrense in the presence of a large number of spectators who greeted enthusiastically all artists.