Personal Exhibition “INTERVALLO” Gallery – Rome


Personal Exhibition “INTERVALLO” Gallery

written by Marco Civello

Rome 12 01 1976

Surrounded in the description of his landscapes is not subject to references that lead him anywhere else, not even for a moment. The meadows touched by the wind, the plants lakeside on the edge of the water, the mountains, continuous presence tending to surround a well-defined part of the world, are many small universes designed in the home, the herd, the shepherd have types of important functions, inserted in an important framework. Are missing close-ups, deliberately, or the role of protagonist and is entrusted with delight, the row of poplars, pines long-haired, sturdy trunks, rendered ​​a bit unreal by certain filtered lights of almost photographic effect. Even houses climbed a country preserve the performance of the pyramidal hill, causal evidence of nature, certainly loved and understood by the author.