Mario Jannitti’s landscapes


Mario Jannitti’s landscapes

posted by Dino Satolli

posted on newspaper l’Osservatore Romano 12 12 1979

With a rich series of oils of considerable freshness and soft color Mario Jannitti presented at the “Galleria dei Dieci” a still of serene beauty. The artist, who in a relatively short time has achieved a maturity, in which painting technique and intuition of cutting are in perfect balance, collects in his paintings a testimony of affection towards the landscape where simplicity is precious because the heart is sheer in a pleased environment. And the adoration of the oil leaves untouched transparencies the artist who own both places.

Jannitti presented the landscape in its aspects and grounds smiling. Ignore the gray days and dark hours, which do not exist in his painting. It ‘a lover who sees with loving nature, in every fold of where finds and highlights at least a reason for gladness. Hills, roads that lead away, little villages and chapels express a sense of joy, maybe of gratitude. No landscape knows harshness: the plain, the mountain also the most difficult (and you might remember Pietrasecca) always got a smile of nature constantly friendly who knows how to welcome those who are meeting the confidence and desire for detente. The brightness of the views, selected with a careful eye reveal a gratitude which translates into art. And it is really nice thing to recognize known places through pictorial mediation of such elegance and clarity.

In a moment when there is a tendency to smoothing with expressive languages ​​universalized, it is a fact of great consolation to find a painter as Jannitti, who knows the peace of a land where you can still avoid the anxiety.