Mario Jannitti stays at “Barberini palace”


Mario Jannitti stays at “Barberini Palace”

Scena Illustrata – March 1982

While we have chosen a central thread of his art a genre too abused, what is the landscape, Mario Jannitti, has always made paintings that since the first fleeting look make it evident – due to of a series of distinctive components – the creativity and the hand of their author. Herewith we mean that Jannitti painter’s personality is now well-defined and recognizable, with a vocation to love nature, never detached by a constant desire to search, motion, new inventive solutions.Hallmarks components characteristics we wrote there we could – in a certain way, keeping to large panoramic critics – summarized by four focal points: the green as the dominant color, magistrally used in all its hues, the almost complete absence of the human element from the structure of painting, the excessive placidy of the shades and, finally, the extraordinary stillness that springs from the fusionin the context of the canvas, of the peculiarity just now described.

The fact remains that from these mountain landscapes, from the boulevards to approaching to suggestive visions of snow-covered rocks, from glades which stop quiet sheep grazing, Romans parks caught in sleepy hour of the early afternoon, it releases a sense of serenity, almost a contemplative slack in which the soul gladly listens, as if seeking refuge from the traumatic surrounding reality.