Jannitti “naviga” at “Pascucci” Art Gallery


Jannitti “naviga” at the “Pascucci” Art Gallery

Sailing Jannitti’ stories, sailing because mild, happy, collected but definite. In the climate in which we are given to live, plagued by the noise, the rush to the safe banks, Jannitti waiting patiently fishermen in front of a stormy sea in the clarity of the morning or in the darkness of the night. Timidly he observes a group of day-trippers from the colorful clothes on a green lawn. Genuine is his relationship to the viewer. His research is very sensitive time notation to interpret one world, the one of the land, which for many is lost. Wheat tall, blond as a rainbow pattern that gives hope for better times.

Far is the lonesome ox, away because indifferent to intrigues. Painter of truth, Jannitti, draws strength and grace from a bucolic setting and transmits it to the reader. Four years ago today Jannitti was present as the art gallery Paride Pascucci, and certainly not for the technique now acquired after many years of dedication to painting, but to search for places and their truth, we must say that Jannitti worked in these years. His inexhaustible strain of the roots of the trees on the bank of “Tevere”, shady and quiet, to the happy swing of the white feathers of the marsh plants silhouetted against the sky. A superstitious blue sky, so that we want you to stay. At Pascucci until Monday, from 10 to 13 and from 17 to 20.

written by Annarosa del Corona

posted on the newspaper “La Nazione” – Grosseto 02 12 1997