Exhibitions at Centenario del Romitorio – Avezzano (AQ)


On the occasion of the “Centenario del Romitorio”
Painters, craftsmen and photographs exhibitions at San Vincenzo.

Avezzano (AQ – Italy), 20 08 1975

In the context of the festivities in honor of “Madonna del Romitorio”, this year was celebrated the centenary and were opened in San Vincenzo Superiore the extemporary exhibitions of painting, local craft and photography. The inaugural ceremony was attended by the regional director Nino Bozzi also on behalf of Senator Joseph Fracassi, Undersecretary of “Poste and Telecomunicazioni”. Were also present the mayor, prof Pietro de Paolis, Lelio Marianetti, mayor of Morino, Don Gaetano Squilla and other personalities of the province and of the Valle del Roveto to which has welcomed the dynamic president Rocco Graziano, promoting of the Committee.

In the afternoon have gathered the juries of the 1st prize photographic and painting, to proceed with the assignment of rich rewards up for grabs. The Selection Board of the show, presided by the sculptor prof. John Leonetti gave the 1st prize ex aequo Lire 300,000 to the artists Alteo Tarantelli of Teramo, and Nicola Solimena of Sora (AQ). The second prize of Lire 150,000 was also awarded ex aequo to the artists Gino Amicuzzi Avezzano (AQ), Gerardo Tower Sora (AQ) and Mario Jannitti of Rome.