Critical News


-…the artist lives and enhances the landscape whose fundamental nature is goodness. He observes the landscape with joy and forward it to others with happiness, knowing they accept it with same spirit. This happens regularly, so that a feeling of serenity reaches the viewers, giving them special moments of relaxation and the large green lights play a very important rule in this peace of mind, also that every day becomes more difficult. Jannitti is in love with nature which observes with affectionate eyes in every particular where he finds and shows at least one reason for joy. The brightness of the views, selected from a careful eye, reveals a gratitude that means art. And it’s really beautiful thing to recognize familiar places through mediation of painting such elegance and clarity. In a time when there is a tendency to lexpressive eveling with an universal anguage, is a matter of great comfort to find a painter, as Jannitti, who knows serenity in a land where is still possible avoid anxiety.

(Dino Satolli)

– … throughout Jannitti’s painting we perceive a sense of expectation, a necessity of rethinking, a search of calming harmony. Landscapes and figures do not represent for the artist stories in their own right, but appear as tracks resulting into a choral dialogue, continually expanding, matching themselves, up to create a delicate texture that beats between nature and humanity, between vision and imagination. Simplicity and purity emerge from the readings of Jannitti’s works: one way of living and thinking that is good and creates a break of harmonic trepidation from riot of things.

(Italo Carlo Sesti)

– … Jannitti is a figurative, calm and landscape painter, who likes to bring a desired nature. He does’t try to find in time the innovation persistently, but wants to demonstrate its consistency, its perfection that progress work has confirmed and developed. The plant world, the countryside, rows of trees, solitary streets, not the main traffic’s arteries, but roads where you can still walk, carrying the thoughts and the sweet considerations. Jannitti’s painting gives us a real state of mind that it’s simply idillyc and want to indicate a way to live in peace forgetting the deafening noise of the city, with the desire to find in that green colour which Jannitti loves painting, an ideal state and a preferential state of life. The sweetness in the paintings of Jannitti was born from that undefined time, so the picture is more a beautiful vision less a faithful reproduction of reality. Mario Jannitti doesn’t paint only impressions, but the memories are often overlapping in time with an exquisite sensitivity that makes this painting unique art positively accepted by everyonel. A painter who doesn’t amaze the viewer, but taking him little by little, surrounding him of visions, a mirror of human desires in this tormented existence.

(Toni Bonavita)

– … Mario Jannitti has come so quietly, singing in a low voice, with the measure reluctantly to the official catalogs, in an exemplary and effective autonomy. His temperament led him to oppose the paradigms of all misunderstandings encamped berensoniana’s lesson, but still more not to be afraid by accusation of conformism visualist, knowing there’s no revelation without dialogue, and the reality may be universalized, in ‘work of art, only revived in the deep silence of the spirit. We are moved by Jannitti’s input of the figure in a lonely road, a small headquartered on a mountainous saddle, a morning Georgics plunged in natural light of spring. Take note that the painter is face to face with an epiphany of beauty, but he wants to hear, beyond the academicism orovvisori, the hidden face, the ultimate meaning.

(Renato Civello)

-… Jannitti has always made ​​paintings that, taking careful look, make evident the inspiration and the hand of the author – under a series of distinctive components. He’s a painter who already has a well-defined and identifiable personality and has a deep love for nature, never far by a constant desire to search, movement, new inventive solutions. Private, romantic and dreamer painter, jealous of his art, Mario Jannitti seems to have enucleated in his paintings an invigorating invitation to look again the imaginative and beautiful side of life, beyond any possible ugliness. A proposal of hope: this seems to be the last message of Our artist and in this light we love to understand his patient work of a craftsman of color.

(Archie Pavia)

– … The landscapes that make up the recurring theme in the works of Mario Jannitti, appear in a different light, far from the new meaning that is commonly given to this artistic expression. His paintings heard themselves and the modulated tone of voice that beats the words syllable by syllable of this original interview, penetrates the soul of the listener. Encased in a halo of poetry, tell the wonderful story of nature, its creatures, the charms of a landscape that is exposed in all its beauty. Stalks of grass, lush trees, cliffs, glades nestled in the woods, wrapped in charm in their simplicity, the paintings show us the importance of their existence and how and how much we’re related to them.

(Vitulio Margaritelli)