Collective Exhibition Art Gallery’s Meeting


Collective Exhibition Art Gallery’s Meeting

Scena Illustrata – Luglio 1988

Written by da Ferdinando Miletto

Valerio Pisano, Maria Calabrese and Ignazio Cabras from Cagliari, Andrea Pietri from Sassari, Silvio Brunetto from Torino, Aristodemo Capecchi from Pistoia, Enzo Sernesi from Firenze, Simona Mihailescu from Romania, Anna Carbonara and Mario JANNITTI from Rome, have exposed in the Art Gallery’s meeting in Via Carlo Porta their works on impressions formed going to visit Poland on the initiative of Poland ‘”Interpress” – the Polish Press Agency’s information – and “SCENA ILLUSTRATA”.

The exhibition was inaugurated by the Ambassador of the Republic of Poland – Dr. Iòzef Wiejacz – The Councilor of the Embassy was present himself – and the corresponding and representative for Italy Dr. Maciej Dubiel of “l’apostrofato Interpress” – Dr. Jerzy Ambroziewicz – showed us pictures without heavyness content, but rich in memories and thoughts. Visions of ruined castles, by vague outlines, emerging within a drawing color luministically, or well kept, who guard a little or a lot of history away from his past arrives in an easy presence, which will once again return but not as as the presence of an impossibility. We hear echoes of those who remain.

The paintings, thanks to the quality of painting, met with enthusiastic acclaim by both critics and the many of you from the many visitors. In August, the exhibition will be moved to the hall of “Palazzo dei Congressi” at “Terminillo”, the beautiful holiday-mountain of Rome in winter and summer , before being transferred to Poland.