Biennial Exhibition, Bargello Palace – Gubbio

Biennial Exhibition, Bargello Palace, Gubbio (Perugia-Italy), organized by PITTart, wants to be a time of reflection and discussion between artists, critics and the public lover of art and culture, as well as an opportunity to make new contacts. The event will take place from 5th to 27th April, 2014, in the fourteenth-century “Palazzo del Bargello” in Gubbio, lovely building set in a street in the town centre, Via dei Consoli a few steps from “Palazzo dei Consoli”. “Palazzo del Bargello” is now a real medieval architectural jewel, one of the largest and most visited monuments of the town, which preserves the structure of the typical houses of Gubbio, valued and brought to light by the recent opening of the new wing which has doubled the space exhibition available. To see the artist’s list allowed to show the works click here.

Gubbio 5-27 April 2014

Below you can see where the event has been promoted:
Lobodi lattice

Intro event video:

Agostiniana Gallery Exhibition – Piazza del Popolo Rome

It took place from the 6th to 17th Novembre 2012 at the Art Gallery “l’Agostiniana”, Room C, in the charming Piazza del Popolo in Rome. This exhibition shows Jannitti’s oil and watercolor paintings. Lots of people enjoyed the relaxing colors of Jannitti’s pictures that usually give serenity to the visitors…

Rome, 6 11 2012

Click the link below to view the article in the review in the newspaper “L’Opinione”

Reviews first part:

Reviews second part:

Below you can see the hall where have been exposed paintings of the artist

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Galleria l'Agostiniana
Galleria l'Agostiniana
Galleria l'Agostiniana
Galleria l'Agostiniana

Live Exhibition Arsoli (AQ) – Italy

Mario Jannitti took part in extemporary exhibition organized by the Pro Loco of Arsoli, wonderful village in Lazio countryside. The exhibition was held in the center in a relaxing atmosphere where every artist has painted a live subject at will. At the end of the exhibition was held the ceremony where each artist received a commendation from the jury.

Arsoli (IT), 02 09 2012

Mario Jannitti has created a scenic view with the name of “La scalinata”.

La Scalinata - olio su tela 50x60

Personal Exhibition Tagliacozzo (AQ)

Mario Jannitti is pleased to present the exhibition of paintings in TAGLIACOZZO, beautiful artistic place and famous tourist place in the region of Marsica Abruzzo. The village is part of the Club of Most Beautiful Villages in Italy.

Each year the village is visited by thousands of tourists from all over Italy to admire the naturalistic scenery that is one of the most impressive of the province of Aquila.

The hall which hold the exhibition is near “Piazza dell’Obelisco”, one of the most beautiful and harmonics squares of Abruzzo and on its border stands the “Monte Bove” where the village developes through picturesque streets, the source of many walks in antiquity of the village.

For further information please send an email in the contact section.

The exhibition will start on July 28th at 17:00 and will last until August.

Tagliacozzo, 28 07 2012

Personal Exhibition “CANOVA” Restaurant – Rome

Mario Jannitti has the pleasure of presenting an exhibition of his paintings at Canova Restaurant in Rome, Piazza del Popolo.

Free admission / admittance.

Artistic Exhibition in the chamber of San Paolo Apostolo delle Genti – Rome

The International Academy of “Saint Agostino” (Center for Arts, Culture, Spirituality and Science Communication) organized the first two exhibitions on courtesy of On. Gianfranco Fini, who kindly provided the exhibition rooms near to the Camera dei Deputati. The painter Mario Jannitti has exhibited the work named: “Il sacrificio di san Paolo delle genti”.


Sala del Cenacolo: “ARTISTI A CONFRONTO”

In both exhibitions, was present the President of the Chamber .

Rome 18 02 2009


Il sacrificio di S.Paolo alle genti - Olio su tela 70x80

Liberi Percorsi – Province of Rome Fantasies and images

….he attended painting and drawing in the “Academy of Fine Arts” in Rome. Mario Jannitti has produced numerous collective and personal exhibitions and attended national and international competitions and art events. His painting offers states of mind that we can, for simplicity, call idyls. – says about him R.Civello. The greens and the fountains of the Villa d’Este are a musical narrative characteristic that uses light as a raw material of a story played in a sound perspective flight side. This walk to Villa d’Este entrusts to jets of water of a rhythmic pattern melody harmonized by the green light.

Rome, 01 03 2003

Sinfonia di verdi e fontane  - Olio su tela 80x70

Sinfonia di verdi e fontane – Olio su tela 80×70

Insieme per la solidarietà – Exhibition at “Chiostro della Fontana” – Rome

The exhibition organized by the “Associazione dei Cento Pittori di Via Margutta” and sponsored by “Fatebenefratelli Association for “pazienti lontani”, took place in “Chiostro della Fontana” at “Fatebenefratelli” hospital on Tiberina Island in Rome.

Rome, 14 11 2001

Mario Jannitti has exposed his oil work entitled “Campagna Romana”

Campagna Romana con gregge - Olio su tela 40x50

Campagna Romana con gregge – Oil on Canvas – 40×50

Accadimenti Giubilari – Rome

The artist Mario Jannitti received a “Certificate of Participation” for taking part in the exhibition “Accadimenti Giubilari” organized by “Centro Internazionale d’Arte, Cultura e Spiritualità”, in “Gesù e Maria” Church in Rome, Via del Corso 45, where he exhibited the painting titled: “The Pope visited Tor Vergata with young people”.

Roma, 21 01 2001

Giubileo dei giovani - Olio su tela 50x70

Art and Sacredness – Basilica San Paolo Rome

The Cultural Association “Amici di Via Veneto” has organized the exhibition “ART AND SACREDNESS'”, an exhibition open to artists of all nationalities. The many pilgrims who visit the “Basilica San Paolo fuori le Mura” can admire the wonderful artistic works of art exposed in the ‘Quadriportico’.

Rome, 06 12 1998

Quadriportico profilo
Quadriportico San Paolo