Personal Exhibition Pascucci Gallery – Grosseto (IT)

Pascucci Gallery Grosseto  (IT) – Personal Exhibition Pascucci Gallery in Grosseto (IT) has recently hosted an exhibition of the painter Mario Jannitti, known and appreciated artist thanks to its oil and watercolor paintings. […] Scena Illustrata – January 1994 Posted by Monica Brizzi CondividiFacebook0Twitteremail

Collective Exhibition Art Gallery’s Meeting

Collective Exhibition Art Gallery’s Meeting Scena Illustrata – Luglio 1988 Written by da Ferdinando Miletto Valerio Pisano, Maria Calabrese and Ignazio Cabras from Cagliari, Andrea Pietri from Sassari, Silvio Brunetto from Torino, Aristodemo Capecchi from Pistoia, Enzo Sernesi from Firenze, Simona Mihailescu from Romania, Anna Carbonara and Mario JANNITTI from Rome, have exposed in the[…]

Italian Artists in Poland

Italian Artists in Poland Scena Illustrata – July 1987 Written by Federico Lodato In the context of the journalistic and cultural relations that exist between “Scena Illustrata”, “Prze Kroj” and “Interpress”, a select group of artists representing the Italian regions SardegnaPiemonte, LombardiaToscana, Lazio and Campania traveled – on the initiative of the publications above –[…]

Mario Jannitti stays at “Barberini palace”

Mario Jannitti stays at “Barberini Palace” Scena Illustrata – March 1982 While we have chosen a central thread of his art a genre too abused, what is the landscape, Mario Jannitti, has always made paintings that since the first fleeting look make it evident – due to of a series of distinctive components – the[…]