Liberi Percorsi – Province of Rome Fantasies and images

….he attended painting and drawing in the “Academy of Fine Arts” in Rome. Mario Jannitti has produced numerous collective and personal exhibitions and attended national and international competitions and art events. His painting offers states of mind that we can, for simplicity, call idyls. – says about him R.Civello. The greens and the fountains of[…]

Jannitti “naviga” at “Pascucci” Art Gallery

Jannitti “naviga” at the “Pascucci” Art Gallery Sailing Jannitti’ stories, sailing because mild, happy, collected but definite. In the climate in which we are given to live, plagued by the noise, the rush to the safe banks, Jannitti waiting patiently fishermen in front of a stormy sea in the clarity of the morning or in[…]


Painting in Grosseto city (Italy)

Painting in Grosseto city (Italy) ….. Jannitti name is shown in catalogs and art journals of valid art criticism and is very popular as a portrait painter and the works are exposed in public and private centers abroad. Under the figurative art of contemporary, Mario Jannitti has earned a prominent place for the coherence of[…]

Montecatini Terme

1° Grand Prix Montecatini Terme (PT)

In Montecatini Terme assigned rewards of art and poetry At a time when the economy goes international, while culture is fragmenting and locating an institution such as the “Grand Prix Montecatini Art and Poetry” promoted by the magazine “Scena Illustrata” of Rome and the “Grand Hotel Croce Malta” in Montecatini Terme, born with the clear[…]

Personal Exhibition Pascucci Gallery – Grosseto (IT)

Pascucci Gallery Grosseto  (IT) – Personal Exhibition Pascucci Gallery in Grosseto (IT) has recently hosted an exhibition of the painter Mario Jannitti, known and appreciated artist thanks to its oil and watercolor paintings. […] Scena Illustrata – January 1994 Posted by Monica Brizzi CondividiFacebook0Twitteremail

Idyllic landscapes exhibition

Idyllic landscapes exhibition A figurative fact idyllic, romantic in theme, a painting dating from the late nineteenth century, is what we observe in the work of the painter Mario Pugliese Jannitti, which exposes these days in Via delle Colonnette 27 in Rome. Mara Albonetti, with a portrait so precious wants to propose the attention of[…]

Jannitti’s lyrical registry

Jannitti’s lyrical registry Mario Jannitti, a famous painter born in Puglia who works mostly in Rome, exposes these days in Rome in the Canova ex studio. Some time ago, reviewing his personal exhibition, I referred to the Amerigo Bartoli mood; and the freshness of his pictorial dictation and formal dignity, which solves the given evokes,[…]

Collective Exhibition Art Gallery’s Meeting

Collective Exhibition Art Gallery’s Meeting Scena Illustrata – Luglio 1988 Written by da Ferdinando Miletto Valerio Pisano, Maria Calabrese and Ignazio Cabras from Cagliari, Andrea Pietri from Sassari, Silvio Brunetto from Torino, Aristodemo Capecchi from Pistoia, Enzo Sernesi from Firenze, Simona Mihailescu from Romania, Anna Carbonara and Mario JANNITTI from Rome, have exposed in the[…]