Mario Jannitti was born in 1927 in Puglia, in the south of Italy and now he lives in Rome. He studied drawing and painting, he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome, in Via Ripetta, together with famous painters as Bartoli, Purificato, Oppo and Perotti; he followed the course of nude’s school and also attended the “Margutta artists Club”, specialized in watercolor and oil painting. Olio-su-tela-50x60-AutoritrattoAfter the Second World War he joined “The Funny Face Shop” artist centre, situated in Via Nazionale in Rome, where he spent few years alongside the watercolourists Bompiani and Guasta. Then, after reaching a good maturity in oil painting, he worked very hard and took part in lots of one-man and group art exhibitions in Italy. He also participated either in national and international competitions, getting prizes and favourable opinions, or in important art exhibitions like the Metro/ Convection Toronto Centre, in Toronto, the World Festival of Art on Paper in Slovenia, the Cento Pittori Association of Via Margutta, in Rome. His name is on Art Catalogues and famous Art Magazines as “Scena Illustrata“, “Art Guide”, “The Artists’ Catalogue”, volumes of UNEDI about Contemporary Art, and so on.
Toni Bonavita, Dino Satolli, Tullio Margaritelli Archie Pavia, Italo Carlo Sesti, Renato Civello, Nicoletta Prinzi, Maria Teresa Palitta, Amelio Tullio Prete , Mario Di Bitonto Antoneta Potocnik, Lidia Viviani, Anna Maria Del Corona, Augusto Giordano have made comments on his works.

Jannitti is also an excellent portraitist; he works mainly in Rome where he has his studio.