1° Grand Prix Montecatini Terme (PT)


In Montecatini Terme assigned rewards of art and poetry

At a time when the economy goes international, while culture is fragmenting and locating an institution such as the “Grand Prix Montecatini Art and Poetry” promoted by the magazine “Scena Illustrata” of Rome and the “Grand Hotel Croce Malta” in Montecatini Terme, born with the clear intention of helping to rebuild the mediations between economic life increasingly dehumanized and multiculturalism increasingly differentiated. The first edition of this award, they partecipated artists and poets from all over Italy, has just ended Saturday, May 7, in the splendid setting of the local representative of the “Grand Hotel Croce di Malta” Montecatini Terme. Guests of honor, the poet Mario Luzi, the painter Luciano Guranieri, sculptors Iorio Vivarelli and Amertigo Dore, who were offered gold medals for outstanding merits achieved in their teaching.

The jury, composed of Stone Panati, Italo Dear Sixth, Rodolfo Segnan, Ettore Brusco, Antonio Martino, Ida Spadaroe Also Reggioli, had already preceded by a rigorous selection of participants, choosing eighteen artists and twelve poets, in a comprehensive list of winners and reported.

After the other operations of the rite and the reading of the minutes, we proceeded to the awards ceremony. For the Art section five purchase awards available to the jury went in order of merit, painters Borga Franco Gianni Bruni, Lycia Bacchi Castile, Charles Humble and Mendicino Grandinetti. Have also been conferred in recognition of license plates of silver and fine cuts of cloth offered by the firm of Capasso Napolie by designers-tailors Panetta, Napolitano and Gallo of Rome to the painters Dorella Emanuele, Giuseppe Leone, Eleanor Vigilante, Grace Tomberli, Corrado Genoese, Mario Jannitti, Francesca Vagnini, Nino House, Luciano, Fabio Tosone Medes, Joseph Spadaro and Erna Toncinich. In the section “Poetry” in prizes, consisting of paintings by Bruni, Venanti, Sernesi, David and Mancinotti were as follows: first prize ex-aequo to the poets John Barricelli, Luca Orioli, Calogero Pulvino and Claudia Penta, second prize ex-aequo poets Luke Newfoundland and Vasco Montez, third prize to Anthony Sabatino, while receiving prestigious awards in the form of lithographs of the author, the poets Mary Tersa Izzi, Angela Genovese, Benito fangani Nicastro and Marianna Jelicich, a framework was finally Mancinotti delivered as a Special Jury Prize at Benevento dialect poet Alberto Abbuonandi. […]

Vendemmia Montecatini
1° Premio Montecatini Terme 1994

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